Our Lands

According to Southern Dakelh values and direction, SDNA is dedicated to the protection and sustainable management of many diverse ecosystems, protecting the natural wealth of our Keyoh.

Our Keyoh spans from the Coast Mountains to the Rockies, from Takla Lake down to the Chilcotin plateau, in so-called north-central British Columbia geography. This area is covered with fir, spruce, and pine; lakes, streams, swamps, and rivers; rolling hills and mountain ranges; grizzly bears and caribou.

Our lands lie almost entirely within the Interior Plateau of present-day British Columbia and include areas of the Coast and Columbia Mountains regions.


We are stewards of Southern Dakelh Keyoh, We have a lot to protect.

The Territory Land Stewardship Plan informs business in our Keyoh and ensures conduct is according to the will of the Southern Dakelh People.

The Plan guides government-to-government discussions and negotiations that concern our Keyoh and seeks to preserve the richness of our lands, the wealth of its natural resources, and its People’s health. The plan is flexible and provides data to support our response to changes that affect the health and wellness of the Southern Dakelh Peoples and their Keyoh..

The Plan is a living document, revised each year as new information becomes available. The Plan provides the vision, goals, objectives, and policies of the Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance. It reflects our constitutionally protected rights as Indigenous People, our claimed title and rights, and the concerns, interests, and perspectives of the Southern Dakelh.

Our Lands and People are more than connected.

Our Keyoh is the key to who we are as Southern Dakelh People.