Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the member Nations of Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance?

Lhoosk’uz Dené Nation and Lhtako Dené Nation are the two member communities whose work is supported by Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance.

What is Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance?

Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance (SDNA) supports the direction and vision of the SDNA Chiefs of the two member communities as set out in the Strategic Plan by providing professional advice, strategic support, research, and information to support SDNA Chiefs with decision-making. The SDNA does not duplicate or take over the work initiated at the community level. The SDNA does not make decisions for SDNA Chiefs or the SDNA Member Nations.

Why was the Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance formed?

One of the early priorities for SDNA was to respond to the Nenqay Deni Accord, signed by the Province of British Columbia and Tsilhqot’in National Government in February 2016. As an alliance, SDNA opposes the accord and its encroachment on our territory, decision-making, and economic benefits.

What is the Grease Trail?

Sboo’tih Ghe Ti is the main historic trade trail which brought in oolichan oil from the Nuxalk. Oolican oil was traded for the caribou hides and other items. Sboot’ih Ghe Ti, also known as the Grease Trail or the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage Trail links the two Member Nations of SDNA, running through the lands of the Southern Dakelh.

SDNA supports and seeks a formal name change, protection designations, a co-management pilot with the Province, opportunities for tourism, and healing on the land initiatives led by and for the benefit Southern Dakelh Peoples.

What are the main priorities for SDNA and its work?

The Chiefs of Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance member communities give us our direction. The priorities they have identified are:

  • exercise rights and title
  • enhance health and wellness
  • stimulate economic development
  • manage natural resources
  • advance education and training
  • sustain governance and organizational resiliency
I want to work with SDNA. How can I use my skills to support Southern Dakelh goals?

SDNA is a team of specialists, scientists, and researchers whose work supports the goals of Southern Dakelh communities in the northern interior of present-day BC. If you have skills to help SDNA exercise rights and title, enhance health and wellness, stimulate economic development, manage natural resources, advance education and training, or sustain governance and organizational resiliency, review our job postings or reach out to our Human Resources department.

What projects is SDNA currently undertaking to make a difference to Southern Dakelh People and Lands?

Some of our current projects are:

  • mushroom management
  • reforestation opportunities
  • stewardship guardians
  • traditional land governance
  • Nationwide Economic Development Plan
  • emergency management preparedness and training
  • Culture and Wellness Strategy
  • Nation Centre development
  • Community Engagement Strategy