Land Stewardship Department

Nobi Suzuki
Interim Lands & Resources Officer / Wildlife Ecologist / Geo-Spatial Analyst
250-398-3375 Ext 303
Nobi provides ecosystem analysis, habitat evaluations, impact assessments, and restoration planning.

Matt Zucca
Social Research Analyst
250-398-3375 Ext 310
Matt is responsible for leading the archival research related to land use and occupancy, assisting with research studies related to land and resource concerns, traditional governance.

Pauline Priadka
Wildlife Biologist
250-398-3375 Ext 304
Pauline is a Wildlife Biologist that is working on cultural keystone species conservation planning, including projects related to moose management and caribou recovery.

Heather Laurent
Nazko Community Coordinator

Mabelene Leon
Ulkatcho Community Coordinator

Rene Jimmy
Lhoosk’uz Dene Community Coordinator

SDNA Community Coordinators
Community coordinators are responsible for engaging, encouraging, and facilitating their communities’ participation in SDNA projects. They work to provide an important on the ground link between SDNA member nations, and the work of SDNA as a whole.

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