Meet Our Staff

Shawn Holte – Executive Director/Lead Negotiator
250-398-3375 Extension 309
Shawn is the Manager for the Chiefs and in charge of day to day operations. He carries out instructions from the Chiefs’ Council and attends meetings. Liaison and information conduit for the Council on administrative matters.

Ray Joubert – Business Manager
250-398-3375 Extension 305
Ray focuses on maintaining the professional operation of the organization. Develops budgets, business plans, and feasibility studies. He also works with the staff to ensure reports are submitted to the Provincial and Federal Governments.

Candie Laporte – Finance Manager
250-398-3375 Extension 313
Candie oversees the Finance department, funding contracts, payroll, accounts payable/receivable. She makes recommendations to the senior management team to address surplus or deficits. Develops and implements financial policies and procedures.

Tammy Keith – Executive Assistant
250-398-3375 Extension 307
Tammy provides a senior level of administrative support/document control for the Executive Director and the SDNA Directors.

Deanna Lloyd – Nation Coordinator
250-398-3375 Extension 201
Deanna oversees the front office administration staff and provides administrative support to all departments of SDNA.

Vacant – Accounting Assistant
250-398-3375 Extension 306
Processes payroll and accounts payable and also provides support to the Finance Manager.

Karen Kubiski – Lands and Resource Officer
Karen leads the development of the Land Stewardship Plan, and other related planning initiatives and ecosystem focused projects. She specializes in the preservation of ecosystems that support the growth of ethnobotanical species.

Glenn Goymer – Field Supervisor
Glenn provides direction and assistance to the Stewardship Guardians.

Nobi Suzuki – Wildlife Ecologist/GeoSpatial Analyst
250-398-3375 Extension 303
Nobi provides ecosystem analysis, habitat evaluations, impact assessments and restoration planning.

Matt Zucca – Social Research Analyst
250-398-3375 Extension 310
Matt is responsible for leading the archival research related to land use and occupancy. He also assists with research studies related to land and resource concerns and traditional governance.

Rob Dimmer – Emergency Management Coordinator
250-398-3375 Extension 210, Cell 403-701-2912
Rob is responsible for planning mitigation and prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Dina Stephenson – Program Coordinator
250-398-3375 Extension 205
Dina provides client services, office administration, and financial support.

Community Coordinators
They are responsible for engaging, encouraging, and facilitating their communities’ participation in SDNA projects. They work to provide an important on the ground link between SDNA member nations, and the work of SDNA as a whole.

Mabelene Leon – Ulkatcho First Nation

Heather Laurent – Nazko First Nation

Rene Jimmy – Lhoosk’uz Dené

Vacant – Lhtako Dené